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Clutter smothers, simplicity breathes

With the practise of minimizing and decluttering on the rise, I hope to help encourage and assist people with their efforts. Despite the crazy number of commercials and adverts we are subjected to, many people are realizing that the quest for more stuff simply does not make us happy. However, I have found some of my difficulty lies in finding what I can do with the stuff I don’t want in a way that is helpful to others and is not bad for the environment.

My plan is to create a place where people in Toronto can find out about resources available to donate, recycle and dispose of their unwanted stuff.

While the City of Toronto had a pretty good curb side pick up system for many things, there also many things that they can’t pick up or which if they do pick up will end up in a landfill. There are so many things that others would be happy to have if we could find a way to connect and get it to them.