Bucket List

by | Nov 3, 2018

This year I knocked something off my bucket list, thanks to purging my closet. Years ago I made a medieval style, white dress. My intention was to sell it as a costume but, for reasons unknown, I kept it. While clearing out my closet I decided it was time to let the dress go, although I still wasn’t sure who would want it. Then I had a brain wave!!
Ever since I saw the owl at the Beaches Library I have wanted to lie under it, covered in blood. Because, why not? And doesn’t everybody?
Being married to a photographer has its perks because he was totally happy to come along and take photos. I put on the dress with my cloak. Trotted into Shoppers Drug Mart to buy some appropriately coloured lippy, then off to the library.
The wall was considerably higher that I remembered. But we were here and there was no turning back!!

Photo credit: Robert McGee Photography