What Do I Do With My Stuff??

by | Sep 16, 2018


This page is a list of resources I have collected about where I have taken different items from my decluttering experience. I hope it will help you find good ways to dispose of your excess stuff. If you don’t live in Toronto, maybe it will give you ideas to research in your own city.



Second hand book shops

The Great Escape Book Store

Paperback fiction and children’s books are popular here. Check with the owner as to what they might take off your hands. You may get buck for your books or store credit for more books!

Senior Living Facilities

I dropped by and asked them if they would like some of my books. I was told the residents would enjoy art books, of which I had a few and they took a few fiction books but large print would have been better.

Your Kids’ Schools

When my kids’ outgrow their books I offer them to their teachers, if I think they are appropriate. Books in schools often get a lot of use and usually they are happy to take them. I always ask though, I don’t want them to be burdened with disposing of stuff they can’t use.

Friends (who actually want them)

Sometimes it’s nice just to pass on a good book to a friend you know would enjoy it or find it useful. I’ve passed on one or two parenting books to others to friends or offered them up on Mums’ groups online.

Online groups

Popular fiction books, if I’ve read them and know I won’t read again, I advertise on facebook groups from my local neighbourhood. This is easy for me if I enjoyed the book, less so if I didn’t. I find it hard to pass on a book that I don’t like!

Coffee Shop
I donated some books to the newly opened Prologue Cafe. It’s a lovely space with a little library at the back. I asked the owner first if he could use some specific books and I took 5 to him on my next visit. Juice and Java also have a library upstairs too. There are all sorts of books up there. I haven’t

Value Village

If I’m feeling overwhelmed by a frenzy of decluttered books I put them in a box and take the to VV Boutique. This is not my first choice but it’s convenient for large loads of stuff.


Electronic Recycling

Recycle My Electronics 
I don’t know anything about this one, I saw it advertised on the subway. It has multiple locations for drop off, which seem to be Staples mostly. reBoot at the Brickworks is also listed on this website as all locations are part of a government related program.

reBoot at the Brickworks
I have visited reBoot – what an amazing space. They had so many old electronic devices being refurbished to go to new homes. On my list of things to go are my Kobo e-reader, an old tv that won’t respond to the remote, desk top computer and monitor and an old laptop. They also collect old cell phones and various other small electronic devices.